Fire Department Update:

You may find it a bit more difficult to stop in and visit:

Due to increasing numbers of COVID on the Island, we have decided to step up the protection of our responders and daytime staff – which include our public work crews.  By taking this increased level of care, we ensure a continued support to the operations and care for our community.  

Please call or text: 250-883-4472 should you have any inquiries or concern.

To access our Department COVID Exposure Control and Safety Plans – click here.



Request for Proposals FES 10-20, New Type 1 Fire Engine for Metchosin Volunteer Fire Department

The following is the District of Metchosin estimated timeline for the procurement and commencement of the Services:

Submission Deadline Nov 30 2020 – 4pm
Review Period Dec 1 – 11 2020
District Council Consideration Dec 14 2020
Contract Notification & Execution Dec 15 – 20 2020

The timeline is subject to change at the sole and absolute discretion of the District of Metchosin.

Thank you to all respondents for taking the time to review this material and to those who submit proposals.

Yard Debris Burning – Now Open  – please ensure you are informed on all yard burning regulations!


The District of Metchosin encompasses 17,396 acres of varying terrain and over 2,000 acres of foreshore.  This very rural community is home to 5,000 residents, four schools, a Federal prison, three military bases, several fuel marinas and a First Nations Reserve.

The Metchosin Fire Department consists of 1 fire station and 38 volunteer firefighters. Our Firehall is situated in the Village core and is the hub of many community events. Four full-time firefighting personnel are staffed by the District and respond to emergencies during normal business hours Monday to Friday.

The Fire Department responds to approximately 450 calls per year, which include various public assists, fires, motor vehicle accidents and medical emergencies. Apparatus include 3 engines, 1 tanker, 1 rescue, 1 duty vehicles for transporting personnel and additional equipment, and an all terrain vehicle for remote rescues.

All fire calls are dispatched through the CRD Fire Dispatch centre in Langford.  All volunteers are required to carry pagers, supplied to them by the Fire Department, for notification purposes.  When an emergency arises, volunteers are to respond directly to the fire station for response.

All volunteers share in the responsibility for the maintenance of apparatus and equipment.  Volunteers are responsible to assist with cleaning of apparatus and equipment after an emergency incident and training sessions.

Under the direction of the Fire Chief and Training Officers, all firefighters are required to participate in the training program which incorporates and emphasizes safety and education. Additionally all active members of the Fire Department, are also required to assist and participate in various community activities and public education events throughout the year.